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Garena 傳說對決:五五好團節版本

Garena Games Online
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May 23, 2023


★Version update content

1. The new hero of the Sun Empire, Bejan, and the wandering orcs make their debut.

2. The innovation system of the training camp [training dolls], the hero’s attack damage can be seen at a glance.

3. The new hero skills are reworked, and the demon hunter Vann returns to the legend.

4. Brand-new sanction beheading line, the dragon battle is invincible.

5. The new season story [Road to the Sand Sea], sprint to rank to unlock the story content.

★Bug fixes

1. The walls of the red square and blue BUFF area are thickened to solve the problem of the model passing through.

2. Fixed the problem that when Floren killed a minion with a skill, the flower disappeared early.

3. Fixed the problem that the skill controller range of Wukong’s third skill is too small.

4. Fixed the problem that Wukong would automatically strengthen his basic attack after using the second skill.

★ Game Introduction
“Garena Legend Showdown” is jointly developed by Garena and Tencent Tianmei Studio. It is the most exciting 10-player duel MOBA mobile game. The game emphasizes hero collocation, equipment selection, skill casting, positioning operation, fair battle, and has a delicate style of painting and high-quality game screen, plus a built-in voice system to facilitate communication with teammates at any time, it is a must-play 5v5 fair team battle MOBA mobile game!

★ Game Features

[Eat soldiers, push towers, demolish the main castle]: Push towers in three ways up, down, middle and down, faithfully restore the classic gameplay, and show your MOBA king’s strength!
[Fair battles, open groups at any time]: The game does not sell any items that may affect the strength of the hero and the victory or defeat of the battle. Enjoy an absolutely fair battle environment. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to become the MOBA king!
[Ten minutes for a fast battle]: An average of ten minutes for a MOBA team battle, no matter you are in the MRT, bus, or even after class, you can control your hero to fight a battle and become the Rank king!
[Multiple modes, rich gameplay]: 5v5 team battles, 3v3 Storm Canyon, 1v1 heads-up, 5v5 random singles, or challenge the Rank king, choose your hero and fight wildly! More special ways to play make you and your teammates want to stop, you must play!
[Built-in voice, instant communication]: With a built-in voice system, you don’t need to type any more during team battles, you can directly communicate and change strategies instantly!
[Unique Heroes, Exclusive Skills]: More than one hundred heroes have exquisite style of painting and unique skill set settings in their respective fields. Only by mastering all heroes can you know yourself and the enemy, and win all battles!

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