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Garena Undawn

Garena Mobile Private
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May 21, 2024


Introducing the new map, Stygian City! Experience the full scope of the forsaken city with its three-dimensional above-ground and underground landscapes.

【New Map – Stygian City】
The new map is now open! Experience the full scope of the forsaken city with its three-dimensional above-ground and underground landscapes.

After the pollution outbreak on Mount Ollie, survivors have returned to the Stygian City for their survival. As the last known major settlement in the western continent, this city has become divided due to resource conflicts, regressing civilization to the era of jungle law. The city is quietly descending into deeper shadows, and with each choice you make, you unknowingly descend further into darkness…

【New Mode – Stygian Restricted Area】
Introducing the new mode, “”Stygian Restricted Area””! Collect resources and survive!

Once inside the restricted area, survivors can choose to search for supplies at various strongholds or eliminate opponents to acquire treasure. Survivors must remain cautious at all times, as they will lose all items in their backpack upon elimination. While surviving, they must also reach the evacuation point on the map within the specified time. Successful evacuation allows them to bring back all acquired resources to the preparation area for their own use.

【New Challenge – Blazar Restricted Area】
As survivors venture into the underground region, the Blazar Restricted Area faces new challenges!

Underground Nest: After the VENUS laboratory sample leakage, a large amount of Blazar elements entered the underground through the drainage system, completely changing the underground ecology. A new life is now gestating in the darkness.

Wings of Luminescence: In the depths of the lightless underground, ownerless trees grow wildly under the influence of crystallization. The true master of this place trembles its wings in the darkness, emanating eerie fluorescence.

【New Special Ops – Sewage Treatment Plant】
With the Blazar entering the underground through the drainage system, the underground ecology has been completely transformed! Within the Sewage Treatment Plant, survivors will battle against the Stygian City gang occupying the underground world. They must overcome the interference of new mutated creatures and engage in a final showdown with a mysterious being.

【New Storyline – Streets of Darkness】
The queen of the dark world makes a powerful comeback, having regained the trust of her father’s former subordinates. She now governs this independent region as a queen, bringing a new definition to rules and order. The underground city, torn apart by power struggles, has its survivors no longer believing in humanity, having sold their souls to pure self-interest. Hidden within the dirty streets are stories waiting to be pieced together. Can you uncover the true nature of humanity?

【New Equipment – Gathering Drone】
Prepare for the Stygian City with the upcoming “”Gathering Drone,”” equipped with unique talents such as “”Threat Detection”” and “”Firepower Boost”” to aid your journey!

【New Store – Great Value Tab】
Introducing the new exchange store, where you can collect points to redeem returning fashion items at great value!

【Patch Optimizations】
1. Added PvP data and more information on the Character Page.
– View your own and others’ PvP data and historical records on the Character Page.
2. Mechanoid optimization.
– Players can now choose their Mechanoid’s stats and skin separately.

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