Latest Arena Breakout – Beta .APK and .OBB Download

Arena Breakout – Beta

Level Infinite
Minimum Requirement
Android 5.0 and up
Package Name



Version Version
File Size File Size
1.1 gb
OBB is not required.

May 9, 2023


Hi Players:

Join Arena Breakout’s global closed beta and experience our major updates with exciting new contents, including female characters, in-match kill cam, equipment lending and more. Download now, Shoot and Loot!

Ready to choose your new mission, recruit? Arena Breakout is a Next-Gen Immersive Tactical FPS, and a first-of-its-kind extraction looter shooter that pushes the limits of war simulation on Mobile. Build and modify ultra-realistic guns, patch wounds, and refill your empty mags. Each battle is a high risk, winner-takes-all gamble, so don’t bring what you aren’t willing to lose.

Eliminate adversaries head-on, with stealth, or bypass the bullets altogether. Players have the freedom to fight however they desire. Escape the combat area alive for a chance to strike it rich, but be prepared to fight for survival.

A new update is here! Here are the highlights:
-Rewards for returning players, all-new events
-Create female characters or change your character’s gender to female
-Lots of new weapons and items
-In-match kill cam
-Quick equip feature
-Big button control scheme
-Friend invite system: add and share with friends to get rewards
-Lend equipment to friends on your team
-Show off your collectibles to other players in the Trophy Room
-Language support for Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Korean, and Thai

[Game Features]

Shoot, loot, and breakout to win… Emerge as the winner and claim all the loot for yourself.

Forget the last one standing! Call your shot and pull the trigger or cover and move to safety. Escape the combat area alive is the only way to win.

Those who will not risk cannot win. In Arena Breakout, high stakes equal high rewards. Put boots to ground and seize what’s yours in an all-or-nothing war simulation made for mobile.

Players can customize their firearm of choice with the advanced Gunsmith system. Mix and match over 700 gun parts to fit in more than 10 modification slots.

Real-time dynamic rendering for realistic light and shadow effects, Volumetric Cloud technologies, and more than 1,200 sound effects immerse players in console-quality visuals and audio on mobile.

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